About Us

Welcome to Varts Elite Caucasian Shepherds. We are an exclusive Russian Bloodlines Caucasian Shepherd breeder and distributor in USA.

All our Caucasian Shepherds are descendants of Russian, European and World Champions or Medalists, and come with official pedigree documents. See currently available puppies.

Eurasia 2019 Dog Show was held in Moscow on February 23.
Our top dogs did it again!

Second day of show. We got the Best Breeder award!
Our Caucasian Shepherds are the Champions.
Our Caucasian Shepherd Champion bloodline trophies

We always have puppies and adult dogs available for sale.

Our adult dogs are trained and ready to work as livestock guardians, security or personal protection dogs. Please contact us if you are looking for an adult Caucaian Shepherd Dog.

We take great care with transportation of our puppies and will not ship them until they reach 4 month of age, when all shots are completed and the dogs are more resilient for the flight and are able to receive customs clearance. We never engage in illegal puppy escorting practices. Shipping and transportation is done through Air France/KLM airlines that specializes in animal transportation. All crates are specially made for puppies to be able to stand up and move freely during the flight and include a water supply.

All our puppies come dewormed, with all needed shots, microchip, registration tattoo, and a health certificate. They are delivered to you with a pedigree translated into English language, registered in buyer’s (new owner’s) name. See all puppies currently avalable for sale. If you are interested in getting a Caucasian Shepherd puppie in the future, please fill our Puppy Request Form.