Breed Info

Caucasian Shepherd Dog breed comes from Caucasus Mountains near the Georgian republic. It is a large, strong dog with a bear-like appearance which has lived with human companions for several hundred years, though it is possible that its original history dates back to a Mastiff-Spitz cross several thousand years ago.

Historically Caucasian Shepherds were used to guard flocks and homes from predators and aggressors. The first mention of the use of large mastiff similar dogs in Armenian King Tigran II troops refers to the 1st century BC.

Due to challenging climatic conditions these dogs lived in isolation for many centuries, resulting in a natural, healthy, and instinctive breed which protected flocks of sheep from both human and animal predators. The breed has a reputation for aggressiveness, but with strict discipline and careful socialization it can become a good companion dog.

Selection work with the breed started in the USSR in the late 20s of XX century. In the process of selection mandatory quality always cultivated were: physical strength, confidence and fearlessness, sharply developed hearing, good eyesight and the presence of a thick, impermeable wool coat that can withstand precipitation. All these qualities, as well as endurance, allows people to use the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs in different climatic conditions, including the most severe.


NAME: Causacian Shepherd Dog
OTHER NAMES: Kavkazskaia Ovtcharka, Caucasian Mountain Dog
COLOR VARIATIONS: Many combinations
GENERAL FORM: Perfectly folded, large, powerful dog with massiynym bone, muscle bulk, slightly stretched format. Males are muscular, with well developed withers and larger heads compared to females. They are also more massive and shorter than females.
Height at the withers:
Males: Desirable height 29-34 inches. Lower limit: 27 inches
Bitches: Desirable height 26-27 inches. Lower limit: 25.5 inches
A larger increase in the proportional addition is not a disadvantage.
Males: Minimum 150 LB
Bitches: at least 125 LB